9 Tips To Help You Become Impactful In The Workplace

It can become very easy to get frustrated in the workplace. Many professionals confess to feeling inadequate, particularly because they feel they are not making enough impact in the workplace. Hard work does not necessarily translate to upward mobility in career and self-fulfillment.

And the realities of office politics push many to forget about giving value and quality. Rather, it appears easier to suck-up to power brokers, workplace ‘godfathers’, and key decision-makers to sponsor their advancement. This does not always prove useful in the long run. Value still plays an integral role in building a strong and impactful career. You need to assess yourself consistently to determine if you are making an impact in your organisation in a manner that guarantees your success.

Workplaces generally have three categories of people:

  1. Those who hate their work, and complain bitterly about everything;
  2. Those who just tolerate their work and see it as a paycheck. They are not looking for more (or feel they cannot have more);
  3. Those who love their work, and relish it.

The third category is only a handful of professionals globally, but they always stand out in organizations. They are, most often, the ones making true and measurable impact in the organization.

In my career, I have had the opportunity to meet many people making genuine impact in their workplaces.  They are not always well-known experts, innovators, business geniuses, and entrepreneurs. They are our everyday regular people, who have found their niche. They contribute consistently to that niche and make great impact. They do not wait till they got to the top before they start making such impacts.

Do not think you have to be visible or at a higher level in your organization before you can make an impact.

And it is also not about being privileged as well. Many have come through tough circumstances and limitations. Yet they have been able to find ways to stretch themselves to rise above their circumstances. Ultimately, it translated into changed lives, theirs and those around them. It is easier to blame the negative circumstances, but not people who want to make an impact.

They take charge of their lives and change their narratives

In order to be as impactful in the workplace, you need to adjust your mindset and take deliberate steps. The workplace is a platform and you must showcase your best self.

  1. Dedicate yourself to what gives your life meaning and purpose
  2. Aim for the best. Consistently. Set yourself world class standards and don’t drop them because of your environment, team, or organization. Always hold yourself accountable to the highest standards.
  3. Be deliberate about the people in your professional circle. Surround yourself with people that have a positive influence on you. Learn from them. Enrich yourselves with their opinions and knowledge.
  4. Focus on the big picture. Invest your time and energy in your long-term vision. Do not spend time and energy on what is but on what can be.
  5. Constantly seek open, honest and authentic feedback. Always ask for “raw” feedback. Embrace critiques. This helps you inward and challenge yourself.
  6. Share! Share!! Share!! – You must share what you know. When you do this, you get to hear other people’s opinions or perspectives.
  7. Share your journey with people. Don’t walk alone. Support the growth of others.
  8. You must always view life’s journey as a goal. Do not take short cuts. You must be ready for the learning, experiencing and building phases of life journey. No Short Cuts!!!!
  9. Use your power and influence well. Be humble, do not use it to manipulate or disrespect people.

16 Replies to “9 Tips To Help You Become Impactful In The Workplace”

    1. Happy you liked the article. Please share with your contacts or people you think might benefit from the tips

  1. Thanks Desola consistency speaks to me cus usually because I am in a fast moving environment things change so rapidly and I used to easily loose faith and get discouraged letting down my standards to just doing the bare minimum. However thanks to the coaching sessions with my boss I realized taking that route only kills my performance and motivation so now it’s all about keeping those standards I set for myself irrespective of how hard it might be.

    1. Absolutely. Consistently deliver great performance and never lower your standards because of your environment. People should know you for your standards. Goodluck!!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I do not think I’ve read these exact tips elsewhere and it shows that these are true to your experience. I always want to be among the 3rd category who love their jobs and relish it. I’ve learnt a lot from reading your advice.

    1. Happy you have learnt a lot from reading the article and taking some advice. Please let know when you start implementing some of the advice. It would be great to get feedback on how you are doing.

  3. Hello Adesola,
    Thanks lots for sharing these insights from your own experience. Looking at the bigger picture, being consistent and sharing really resonate with me.

  4. I like the part “Do not think you have to be visible or at a higher level in your organization before you can make an impact”

    Madam but l have a question. Most times the value added by lower level executives seem not to be seen by the Management. At times they have no idea of the bottlenecks and challenges these set of employee go through to ensure set goals and objectives are ahieved.

    I have been there before and that is why l am doing everything possible to to rise to a higher level where beyond my skills and expertise my voice can be heard and l can feel l am actually adding value.

  5. Thanks for sharing Desola,
    Very insightful. Number 5 stuck with me. Some times we let events around us and office politics to get in the way of us being our best . Honest and authentic feedback……“raw” feedback as you rightly said is a true gift that would quickly guide us get back on track to create meaningful impact. In your words “embrace critiques. This helps you inward and challenge yourself”.
    Thank you, looking forward to more articles !

    1. Thanks so much Desola for this.
      Interestingly,I have always shared these values but I have,over the years,seen so much office politics and the negative impact of ‘work place godfatherism’ that I just kind of lost faith.
      But with people like you still pushing for the right values,I think a reconnection will be worth it.

  6. This write up is very educating and help those in leadership as well as those coming up the ladder off leadership. It speaks to all levels of employees. Thank you for the short but insightful ideas.

    Please permit me to share.

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